Surrey Memorial Hospital

Client: Fraser Health Authority
Prime Consultant: Kirsten Reite Architecture | Perkins + Will | IBI Group | WSP Group
Location: Surrey, BC
Completion: September 2013 - April 2017


April 2017 Kirsten Reite Architecture

The old Emergency Department at the hospital was upgraded/transformed into a 10 bed unit providing a therapeutic environment for children and adolescents experiencing an acute mental health crisis.

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Stabilization Unit (CAPSU) is a state-of-the-art unit for children and adolescents aged six to 17 with urgent mental health issues and need a five to seven day stay in hospital for stabilization. It featured a Snoezelen™ Room, a multi-sensory environment used to help reduce agitation and anxiety and stimulate and encourage communication, the first of its kind for children and youth in a hospital psychiatric unit in Canada.



February 2015 Kirsten Reite Architecture

The project involved a renovation to add a contact call centre inside Surrey Memorial Hospital to communicate with ambulatory units. The work involved the creation included 10 workstations, two private offices and multipurpose meeting rooms, a kitchenette, staff washrooms and a 40kVA UPS system.



May 2017 WSP Group

The project involved the removal of existing concrete pavers and associated sand base at the North Lobby round-about driveway. Kinetic provide new base gravels and new stamped asphalt paving. The work was expedited over a four day work period in order to minimize impact to hospital operations.



March 2015 | Kirsten Reite Architecture

A new storage room was constructed within a former section of the Physiotherapy Department at the hospital. The fully operational department was partially relocate to previously under utilized, renovated service areas. The work involved select demolition of concrete pads, ceilings, flooring and other finishes, removal and relocation of mechanical and electrical services, concrete infill to existing floor voids, creating an opening in a block wall for a new door, and constructing new divisive walls complete with finishes. New millwork workstations and cloak room furniture were also provided.



November 2013 | IBI Group

The purpose of this project was to separate public and hospital only areas. The work involved demolition of an existing café and modifications to interior partitions, extensive installation of steel bumper rails and security and access control for routing of laundry tow motors. A phased handover of the new space and coordination of infectious control measures was required as the area become active for its intended use. Special consideration of the proximity to the hospital’s operating rooms and the Child Youth Services department was imperative.



September 2013 | Perkins + Will

The project involved mechanical and electrical renovations for services to accommodate new Burlodge food carts in the hospital’s Food Services coolers. Working in and around the existing coolers and operational food services spaces required careful attention to infectious control measures (level IV), which involved maintaining negative air pressure and providing a clean anteroom complete with zippered doors and walk-off mats at all times.

As the installation of the new coolers was phased to allow use of one cooler throughout construction, operation of the cooling systems was constantly monitored to prevent over-heating, especially during operation of the new Burlodge units in cooler #1 during food service hours.

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