Safety is an integral part of Kinetic's culture, earning us a reputation for our proactive approach and high standards.

Kinetic is committed to a strong safety program that protects our employees, trade contractors, clients, and the public from the inherent dangers of construction. We take a pro-active approach to safety, and view the WorkSafe BC Regulations as a minimum standard. We have developed a reputation as a construction firm that takes site safety very seriously and are intolerant of individuals who might endanger themselves or others on our jobsites.

We promote our “See It, Say It, Fix It” motto on all of our sites. If our staff or trade contractors see anything that may be unsafe within their work environment, they know to say something to their direct supervisor immediately and work together to fix it.

Kinetic has attained both Certificates of Recognition (COR) from the BC Construction Safety Alliance. The Injury Management and Return to Work Certification recognizes those firms that have instituted effective injury management programs for any injured workers. The Health and Safety Certification recognizes those employers who have developed Health and Safety Management programs that far exceed regulatory requirements. The COR Program audits each employer annually to ensure a very rigorous company safety program is maintained.

As an organization, Kinetic adheres to The Builders Code which is intended to help construction employers communicate reasonable and consistent behavior expectation to improve the safety, productivity and retention of skilled tradespeople, and reduce project risk. Visit for more information.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Goffinet, our Corporate Health Safety and Environment Manager.

Sustainability and the Environment

The built environment should attempt to minimize its effects on our planet and the life forms that inhabit it. At Kinetic we believe this requires a concerted effort to understand our roles in society at large and put into place practices that are sustainable during the planning, construction, and occupancy of all structures we build and renovate. Kinetic welcomes opportunities for sustainable construction including active participation in certified projects under the BuiltGreen and LEED programs, among others. We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff.

In our daily routines, we have incorporated many sustainable practices that form part of our corporate culture. Our branch offices and job sites have full recycling programs which include waste paper, plastics, toner cartridges, electronic hardware, and food & beverage containers.

During construction, we recycle a high proportion of construction waste materials to divert it from landfills. We use the latest technology for erosion and sediment control, and attempt to minimize our “construction footprint” on site. Where possible, we employ low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the construction materials we incorporate into our projects.

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