COVID-19 Communication

It has been a month since the Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in drastic and rapid changes to our lives -both personal and professional-.

As many others across the construction industry in Canada and particularly in British Columbia, at Kinetic our top priority was and continues to be to maintain our employees safe and healthy. We established a series of protocols and communicated the urgency of adhering to them to our team, our partners in the trades and all other stakeholders. Our success in keeping our sites operational has depended more than ever in how we conduct ourselves at work and the choices that we have made while we are away from work.

Our office team moved to working from home immediately and the proactive measures we had been taking over the past couple of years to test, install and start using efficient technology to communicate, access work files securely and stay connected have paid off. We have not experienced disruptions to our communications or office work, and our team is focused and able to manage and continue to exceed expectations. We even achieved substantial completion on a health care project no less, during the past few weeks.

Amid the chaos and the challenges inherent to it, we have been pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed upon learning of the initiative and commitment that our teams have shown in order to keep their productivity and morale high. In one of our daily management meetings, we heard a report that some field teams start the morning off in an appropriately spaced circle and check with each other on their activities the night before and prior to arriving at work. They are holding each other accountable. No one asked them to do this and it was not on our protocol memos. They have done this completely on their own. This approach has kept them safe and ensured they can keep their jobs as the business can continue operating. 

Overall, Kinetic is following a process to deliver the initiatives and implement the quick changes required to deal with Covid-19.

We know that Sustainment is always the hardest. When we normalize things, we can often relax and slip back into the “old ways” because we feel maybe it’s not that important or “the way we’ve always done it” comes back into play.  Sustainment is the turning point between the long-term success of an initiative or failure.  Without sustainment, all the efforts made in getting to that point will become a complete waste of the time and effort it took to get there. Sustainment is required to be achieve real improvement on the process without slipping back.

Every day, our team is keeping up the protocol and not taking things for granted.  We are not there yet.  We believe that by mastering sustainment and improvement, we will not only survive this, but we will be better for it.

These are difficult and uncertain times for sure but I want you to know we are doing everything we can to ensure when the time comes and we are on the other side of this, whatever it looks like, Kinetic Construction will be in a position to move forward and continue to grow the culture and success we have worked so hard to achieve.  

Stay smart, stay safe. 
Tom Plumb
President and CEO

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