Journey To Lean: Update from Tom Plumb, President

Kinetic has made a commitment to adapt the Lean Construction Methodology and for the last few months a lot of learning and training has been taking place in preparation.

In his latest update to Kinetic staff, Tom wrote:

“I can imagine that many of you are wondering where and when we are moving forward with our journey to become a Lean organization.  As with any project, training and good planning are required to ensure the success of any venture. We are still learning by education and diving deeper into what it means to be a Lean organization, as it has its roots in our cultural development. We [Kinetic] have all the good basic ingredients and values to make this a success when we roll it out so please stay tuned, it’s not far off.”

Shingo Quote of the Month:

“People who are satisfied with the way things are can never achieve improvement or progress.”

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