Kinetic at Hero BuildDay

Kinetic has been at it again, with some of our team members putting one of our core values into practice; Together Building Better. On July 8, 2017, members of our team took part in the Hero BuildDay at Prospect Lake and walked away as the TOP OVERALL TEAM!

Non-profits are facing an increased demand and decreased resources and as a result, their buildings are often neglected and inhibit these organizations ability to fulfill their goals. HeroWork is an organization that assists non-profits improve the state of their buildings through radical renovations and Hero BuildDay is a unique team building event that leads volunteers through a construction experience to support the Society’s mission to assist different organizations.

The program for the day was to build tent decks for Power To Be, an organization that creates programs for disadvantaged children, adults and their families with a focus on getting them back to nature. The Kinetic team built a two level deck, approximately 20’x 22’ from the footings to the decking.

Special thanks to Mark L., Kieran, Craig, Audrey, Tanya, Elle, Brianna, Nero, Manuel, Chris Lamrock and Alwyn Beecroft of the 819 Yates Street team.

In addition to Kinetic’s participation at this event, our team also handed over a cheque for $4,000.00 – funds that were raised at this year’s employee charity golf tournament.

As Tom Plumb, President & CEO put it, “Giving back to our communities is a big part of what we do and who we are and I’m very proud of all those who came out and sweated in the hot sun for a good cause.”


20170710_075848_resized_1     KCL Team Pic     Mark L. and Brianna     IMG_4737     IMG_4740     KCL Team Pic 2

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