President & CEO is a “Lean” Leader

Kinetic’s current President and CEO, Tom Plumb, has been heavily involved with Lean.

In addition to being involved in various initiatives and organizations in the construction industry, Tom is a de facto “Lean Evangelist” who has been instrumental in kick starting Lean and Integrated Project Delivery on Vancouver Island.

“Everything you need in your business to live long and prosper will materialize from achieving that progressive culture and environment,” Tom says. “I do not see us as early adopters – which I suppose we are. Instead, I view us and others like us, as first responders.”

Tom attended the first Lean Construction Institute – Canada (LCI-C) Conference in Calgary last year and it was there that he realized that Lean was the platform that had the only chance of not only improving Kinetic’s own processes, but for fixing a broken industry plagued by conflict and silo thinking as well. In some aspects, returning to the ancient Master Builder System, where project focused team work and collaboration ruled the day but with a new evolved philosophy utilizing modern thinking on how we approach value, waste, and efficiency.

To quote two of Tom’s favourite “philosophers:”

•  “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Yogi Berra
•  “We can’t solve the problems of today with the same thinking used to create them.” Albert Einstein

Tom has spent the last year implementing Lean at Kinetic; talking to stakeholders of every kind, being an ambassador, garnering interest in the concept and assigning the learning to our people. The reason Kinetic is choosing this path is to create a better every day quality of work life for all stakeholders, employees and trades while delivering value on a consistent basis.

Tom offers this advice to everyone: “Lean is simple, but it is not easy. Why should something so valuable be attained easily or cheaply? It is not our brilliance, but rather our perseverance which will determine our success.”

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