Housing Project Achieves LEED Gold

Wesley Street Supportive Housing

The Wesley Street Supportive Housing project was the first city-owned site for supportive housing in Nanaimo. This project , which was completed in 2012, was recently certified LEED® Gold, due to its commitment to best environmental practices, some examples being: erosion, sediment and storm water control during construction, building storage facilities for bicycles and water efficient landscaping.

One of the ways that Kinetic turned challenges into opportunities was with the crafting of the bench below. Several vintage apple trees were onsite and a local college was invited to take cuttings prior to the trees being removed with the intent to replant juvenile trees grown from the cuttings.  Unfortunately, a subsequent strike at the college left the cuttings to dry out. Kinetic’s superintendent took a bad situation and recognized the positive possibilities: he took the remainder of the felled timber left on site to his workshop and crafted a bench. The bench now resides in the entry foyer of Wesley Street for all residents to enjoy.


The Apple Wood Bench

The Apple Wood Bench

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