Kinetic in Brazil

Each year, Kinetic Construction donates to charities that are close to our hearts. This year, one of our charities was very close to our Courtenay Branch Manager, Tom Plumb.

Tom’s son Sam, the student body president at Summit Pacific College (SPC), took part in the Omega Global Program to raise funds for the Home of the Good Shepherd, an organization committed to empowering children by being a crossroads between the local courts, social workers, and children at risk. Through Good Shepard, children as young as two are brought to the Home by the local Judicial Social Service Department. Students from SPC help with educating local youth and young adults in community schools and running community sports camps. Through fundraising, which Kinetic generously donated to, 45 students who participated in the Omega program were able to travel to Brazil in order to build a wall around the current center at Home of the Good Shepherd, which houses over one hundred children.

The team worked alongside the local government and various organizations that serve youth and children who have become victims of abuse, abandonment, and neglect. These children are now being equipped to not just survive, but also succeed as contributing members of society. As you can see from the photos, the Summit team achieved everything with joy, love, and laughter which brought tremendous encouragement to the people.

To learn more about these worthy causes, please visit their website.Kinetic in Brazil 1 Kinetic in Brazil 2 Kinetic in Brazil 3

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