New Board of Directors and Employee Shareholders


April 15, 2015
For Immediate Release

Kinetic Construction Announces New Board of Directors and Employee Shareholders

Six long-term employees have purchased shares in Kinetic Construction, a Victoria based contractor with additional offices in Vancouver and Courtenay.  These new shareholders joined the existing company shareholders to increase the number of employee shareholders to twelve (12.)

“I strongly believe that an employee-owned company with a broad base of employee ownership is the best way for Kinetic to succeed, grow, and prosper,” said Bill Gyles, Kinetic’s founder and CEO.

The largest and most successful privately-owned construction companies in Canada are employee-owned. For Kinetic, it provides a path for succession and engages up and coming talent.

“We know our employees are our biggest asset,” continued Gyles. “By providing them with the opportunity to participate financially in Kinetic, we truly believe the company will be strengthened and better positioned for future growth.”

The new shareholder group met at the Annual General Meeting in January and elected these shareholders as Directors:

  • Bill Gyles, President and CEO
  • Chris Chalecki, Victoria Branch Manager
  • Katy Fairley, Business Development Manager
  • Mark Liudzius, Senior Project Manager
  • Tom Plumb, Courtenay Branch Manager
  • Mike Walz, Vancouver Branch Manager

Katy Fairley, Kinetic’s Business Development Manager, is the most recent addition to the Board, having been elected in January.

Learn more about Kinetic’s directors here.

Following the AGM, Kinetic’s Board of Directors unanimously appointed Bill Gyles as President and Board Chair. Bill will continue in his role as CEO. Bill founded Kinetic in 1984 and over the years has actively managed all aspects of Kinetic from president and chief estimator to controller.

This announcement was highlighted in the Times Colonist, Victoria’s daily newspaper.

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