Earthquake Preparedness

On Thursday, October 16, at 10:16am, Kinetic participated in the province-wide Great BC Shakeout earthquake drill. It was a great opportunity for all of our employees to practice and be prepared in case the ‘big one’ hits.

Kinetic has completed over 50 seismic upgrades including recent upgrades at George Jay Elementary School, Quadra Elementary School and the CPR Steamship Terminal.

British Columbia is located in a seismically active region where a few thousand earthquakes occur each year. The threat of a major earthquake in the province is real and all British Columbians should know how to be prepared. Kinetic employees located in our three branch offices and on site (including subtrades and visitors) participated in this drill. Instructions were sent out prior to the drill so that everyone knew what to do and what to expect. It was a great learning experience and it also fulfilled Kinetic’s requirement by WCB OHS Regulation Part 32.2 that workers must be adequately trained in evacuation.

Here are some tips for earthquake preparedness and what to do in case an earthquake hits:

  • Check your emergency supplies and equipment. Make sure they are accessible and functional
  • During an earthquake, DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON!
  • Have a practice drill at home with your family
  • Look around in places you spend lots of time and look for items that might fall and cause injury – have them secured. Think about where you might find your Drop, Cover and Hold On location.
  • No matter where you are, wait for the shaking to stop and count to 60 to allow objects to settle
  • It is important to stay calm and move cautiously after an earthquake
  • Do not leave your safe area unless you are clearly in danger where you are. Evacuation after an earthquake should never be automatic.
  • Monitor emergency media for damage and public safety information.
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